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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you charge extra for retouching?
A: I never charge extra for retouching, it’s a print service included in the price.

Q: Do you have back up equipment?
A: Chuck has two matching cameras, additional lenses and lighting systems.

Q: How are your lights set up for the formal portraits? Are there wires and cords on the floor?
A: We are wireless. Cameras and lighting are triggered wirelessly.

Q: How do you dress at the wedding?
A: I dress in appropriate clothing, usually a white dress shirt with a tie and dark slacks.

Q: What is your deposit policy?
A: I require a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve the wedding date. The balance is due on or before the wedding.

Q: Do you photograph more than one wedding a day?
A: Your wedding and its coverage are very important to me; I only contract for one event per day. All my attention is on your special day, not someone else’s.

Q: How many images do you take?
A: There is no limit; you can expect several hundred images.

Q: Do you set restrictions on guests with cameras?
A: No, I don’t mind at all.

Q: How long will it take to view my images?
A: During most months, images are normally ready to view in approximately two weeks.

Q: After we have given you our choice for album images, how long does it take for the finished album?
A: During most months you can expect the Package Plans A-D for coffee table albums to be finished in approximately 3-4 weeks. Flush Mount Albums take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Q: Do you scout out the wedding and reception locations before the wedding day?
A: I normally arrive well before the photographic start time to check for the best lighting locations and backgrounds. I have found it’s best to scout out locations on the actual day or possibly the day before the event.

Q: Can selected images be in black and white or sepia tone in addition to the color images?
A: Yes, I can also convert selected images to infrared, cross processing, heavy grain texture, duotone look, E6 effect, soft focus and a special soft plastic lens look.

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